Backstage in a Writer’s Den

When I was younger and had plenty of energy, I longed for the leisurely life of retirement. I would lie around doing nothing, just enjoying life. Well, Maxine or somebody said old age ain’t for sissies. She was right. Don’t even get me started on doctor appointments and daily medications. And I have less time to get things done now than when I was working full time. Take today for example.

First off, I got up and forgot to shave. I didn’t think of that until sometime later when I had to go back and remove my shirt, my glasses and my hearing aids just to get the shaving over with.

Then I noticed that the sweater I was wearing had a missing button. I remembered saving the button for later repair. I took off the sweater and went looking for the sewing kit. That took ten or fifteen minutes. I finally found the kit, but the button wasn’t in it. I spent another ten minutes looking through drawers. Finally I found the button. By then I was exhausted and had to go out and lie down on the patio for a while. That’s when I remembered I needed to water the foliage.

After a spell, I got up and began watering ,and during that time, I remembered that I’d been going to sew the button back on my sweater. I finished watering, but then I couldn’t remember where I’d placed the sewing kit.

After another ten minutes or so I found the sewing kit. I decided to do the repair job in the patio where it is comfortable and bright. However, once I got installed with my sewing kit and my button, I realized I didn’t have the sweater. I couldn’t remember where I put the thing. That took enough out of me to force me to lie back again for a while to gather my strength.

Sometimes, although completely exhausted, I get my best ideas as I lie on the lounge chair. Today some thoughts came to me about a book I’m plotting out. Once half recovered, I went back upstairs to my office and noted my thoughts on the computer. That’s when I spied my sweater lying on a chair in the office.

I grabbed the sweater and headed back to the patio. Once installed again on my lounge chair I got the sweater on my lap and opened the sewing kit. I found a spool of black thread and spent nearly ten minutes trying to thread a needle. That was so exhausting that I had to lie back and rest for fifteen minutes or so.

Finally, slightly recovered, I managed with great difficulty to get the button attached. I know it isn’t a professional job because I’ve never mastered the art of sewing on a button. But I got it attached. I never know what do to with the tail end of the thread. Knotting it isn’t much help, especially with a sweater which has as much open space as closed. Well, I hope it holds for a while.

All these efforts naturally place a great strain on one’s constitution. I lay back completely wrung out.

I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow and just lie on the patio. With any luck it’ll rain and I won’t even have to water the foliage.


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