The Marijuana Wars

I’m reading that we spent some $15 billion dollars last year on drug enforcement. Clearly all that money did little to stop the flow of drugs through our land.
I’ve never been a marijuana smoker, but from all the info I can gather, it’s no more harmful (!) than booze or cigarettes — which are legal.
I think that if we came to grips with the fact that we can never really win the drug war we could kill a lot of birds with this one stone.
Corner dealers will sell to anyone with money; legal dealers would only sell to 18+ age persons.
Tobacco companies, already set up to roll out product, could produce rolled marijuana cigarettes in sanitary conditions, well-packaged, and pay taxes on their profits. Buyers would pay taxes on the marijuana cigarettes they buy.
We would cut the carotid arteries of drug lords that rule Mexico. While other drugs would still be imported and used, the flow would be reduced to a mere trickle of what is going on today, and we could cut the $15 billion to a fraction of that amount.
We’d have a win-win situation: Tax revenue from the production and sale of marijuana and budget savings from the lower cost of drug enforcement.
While it may go against our religious beliefs, or simply go against our instincts to legalize the use of marijuana, it’s time we pulled our heads out of the sand and realized that marijuana is not going to go away. It’s time to be realistic and realize that our only option is to legalize this drug and capitalize on its popularity. Sin taxes are a great source of revenue, revenue we sorely need.
As an added bonus, while tobacco companies may be competitive, I’ve never heard of them getting into shoot-outs with each other.


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