Thrill Seeking

by C. M. Albrecht

I‘ve always been something of a thrill-seeker, so when we decided to book a cruise, I wanted to be sure to see plenty of action.
I wasn’t disappointed. They had scuba diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, parasailing, hang gliding, jet skis, enterprising tour guides and peddlers; it was great.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy those activities. I got tied up in the hot tub and the pool where I could sit all day with my feet in the water. Did you know they just bring relaxing drinks right to your poolside all day?
The trip went so quickly. On the last day I decided I certainly had to live up to my reputation and do something daring before I got back to my humdrum daily routine.
I ate some snails in garlic butter.
It wasn’t so bad. Tasted exactly like garlic butter.
I thought my wife would be proud of my cavalier devil-may-care attitude, but unfortunately she thought I had a little too much wine.
I think next time I’ll just settle for the daredevil experience of getting through the airport with all my luggage.