Our world is filled with control freaks. I should say “wannabe” control freaks, because I’m about to point out that we really have so little control over our lives and/or the lives of others that — if this weren’t so serious — it would be simply laughable.

Our lives are controlled by the vagaries of our planet and even more so by governments.

When all is said and done, any government comprised of a number of leaders supposedly working together is going to get the same result as most of the groups of investors who produce bad movies: the too-many-cooks effect.

A benign dictator could really get things done and his country would be a wonderful place to inhabit. But the expression ‘benign dictator’ creates an oxymoron. That creature just doesn’t exist. Even is such a creature did exist, who could be foolhardy enough to take a chance?

They say power corrupts, and nowhere does power corrupt more quickly and totally than when one person gets total control of a country.

That’s the country where the multitude of enormous statues and portraits and banners depicting its fearless leader blanket it from the rest of the world. Down beneath the banners and statues it really gets bad. Not only does power corrupt in the area of wanting to live in ever greater luxury, but in the area of having no one to answer to. A dictator can whip out his pistol and shoot anyone he wants to without consequence. He can order his troops to fire upon unarmed civilians on a whim. This power extends to family members as well. Who dares get in their way or question their actions, no matter how atrocious?

But who, or what, controls these governments? We have financial barons like the Bilderberg Group and others. They control world finance. They can raise, or bring down governments. They can, at will, bring a sovereign nation to its knees.

Think about it. We hardly have control over going to the bathroom. Sometimes we lose that little we only thought we had! We have no control over our breathing or our need for food and drink.

We have no control over our planet spinning around in space going God only knows where and for how long. We can’t control the weather or other natural disasters, and we certainly can’t control our own actions!

Despite all this clear evidence before us, many of us still try to perpetuate the belief that we, somehow, are in control of our lives. And we try to expand this control to cover our wives or husbands and children, our pets, and any other relatives we can manage to include. Sometimes it’s simply something as crude as real or threatened beatings. Sometimes it’s the possibility of being cut out of someone’s will, or loss of a job. If we have a position at work where we can control other employees we make the most of it.

These unfortunate people who have never been — and never will — be able to let go and admit they are simply pawns being tossed around at the whim of  chance, are doomed I believe, to a life of frustration, a life burdened by constantly trying to convince themselves that they are in control of something.

Like most people, I believe,  I’ve had to rub elbows with my share of control freaks over the years. They are legion. I have never known one, however, who was really satisfied or happy, because having that need to control — and the ever present fear of losing what little they have — can bring nothing but frustration and sadness.  And worse, perhaps in the end they realize they never had any control at all, and how so much of that time and wasted effort could have gone into doing something constructive.


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