The Albemarle Affair

Corky Middleton is a seventeen-year old girl with a happy family life and a lot to live for. Corky was adopted. Her adoptive parents told her very early on. Corky’s real mother had died in childbirth. Corky loves her parents and knows she could never have better. For all that, perhaps it was natural for Corky to speculate, to pose questions and theories in her mind about her real mother, the woman she could never know.

When Corky notices a  non-descript forty-year old woman who seems to turn up every place Corky goes, she can’t help but wonder. Who can this woman be? Why would she take an interest in Corky? Slowly a little idea creeps into Corky’s head. What if her parents had been misinformed? What if her mother hadn’t really died in childbirth? What if this woman was Corky’s mother, wanting to see her, to be near her, wanting somehow to connect with the daughter she never had?

Romantic idea, but at the same time, this woman was not in the least like the mother of Corky’s fantasies. That mother was almost an angel, while this woman looked like a loser, a drinker, a worn woman who had lived a hard life.

Unable to hold back her curiosity, Corky hires a pair of private detectives to look into the matter, to settle it once and for all.

What appears to be an easy afternoon’s work to Foster & Hall Investigations turns into a nightmare as the first thing they do is stumble in on the corpse of a murdered man.

Continuing their investigation, they turn back layer after layer of cover-ups as they dig deep into a mystery that has it roots buried in the past.

“A fun read with lots of red herrings and false trails.” — Anne K. Edwards, “Shadows over Paradise”.

The Albemarle Affair is coming in February in a completely revised  new edition from Cambridge Books and at all Internet sites where only fine books are sold. Reserve your copy today.


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