by C. M. Albrecht

Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards

A story that could be torn from the headlines as another child goes missing. A tale that will bring home all the heartache and pain brought about by an evil deed.
This is what Shelly Lambert faced in her own not too distant past and now must relive as she becomes a volunteer at the Missing and Exploited Children Coalition. As she soon learns, the turnover in volunteers is high. Can she endure long enough to be of any real help?
Music is a tale with a twist, proving one must never assume things are what they appear. This is a well told tale with a sense of heightened tension and suspense. Will they find the missing Jerry Beakey before it’s too late? Who could have taken him?
You’ll join Detective Steve Music as he tries to find the boy or clues as to who might have taken him. You learn a dark secret from Shelly Lambert’s past once Steve and she get to know each other. Will it keep them apart or bring them together?
Talented C. M. Albrecht has written a story that will keep you reading, wondering what will happen next. A varied cast of well drawn characters will keep you turning the pages as the story unfolds. Surprises ahead and good reading. Enjoy. I did.

ISBN 1-59431-621-X or 978-a-59431-621-0