Famous Cowboys (And the Horses they rode in on)

Below are some famous cowboys, but I’ve mixed up the names of their horses. Can you straighten this out?

Answers below in the comments section.

Tom Mix :  White Flash

Lucky Luke : Silver

Gene Autry : Trigger

Buck Jones : Topper

Tex Ritter: Champion

Roy Rogers : Silver

Tex Ritter : Jolly Jumper

Hopalong Cassidy : Silver

The Lone Ranger : Tony


2 thoughts on “Famous Cowboys (And the Horses they rode in on)

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  1. Here is the correct order:

    Tom Mix — Tony

    Lucky Luke — Jolly Jumper

    Gene Autry — Champion

    Buck Jones — Silver

    Roy Rogers — Trigger

    Tex Ritter — White Flash

    Hopalong Cassidy — Topper

    The Lone Ranger — Silver

    If you got all these correctly, you’re not only a very astute Western film buff, but you’re probably pretty darned old too!

  2. If you’ve followed this, you’ll have noticed that two Silvers are listed. Buck Jones’s horse was called Silver. Buck Jones was my hero and I sent in box tops from something and got a bullet with a pencil in it that claimed to be from my pal Buck Jones.
    When Mr. Jones died in the fire I was devastated, but shortly thereafter I became aware of The Lone Ranger. Since his horse was also named Silver, I figured Mr. Jones had not actually died, but had been disfigured and now wore the Lone Ranger disguise to cover his scars while he still rode his great white horse, Silver. I remember questioning my Big Little Book dealer about this but she was obviously out of the loop.
    Sometimes I wake up around 2:30 in the morning and still wonder about that. Anyway, he wasn’t just a movie cowboy. He actually got out of the fire, but went back in to help others get out.

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