Famous Last Words…Famous? Maybe. Last? Never.

by C. M. Albrecht

Why is it that when politicians realize they have to bow out of the race, they get more television time and make a speech longer than Academy Award winners?

It’s more than I can bear to watch and listen to one of these tedious muddled speeches during which the politician not only thanks his wife and children, but his parents, his mailman, his neighbors, the UPS driver and every person connected to his campaign and goes on and on as if in actuality, he was the Big Winner instead of the person who just couldn’t get enough support to go on.

At the Academy Awards and/or Golden Globes, et al. I’ve yet to see one person step up and go through the above-referenced press conference to thank the world for not having received an Oscar. Nope. Not one.

But politicians…ah, that’s another story. Perry’s probably thinking even now, “Boy, why couldn’t I have been governor of Wisconsin where I could’ve cut a deal with the Kochs?