The Albemarle Affair

by C. M. Albrecht

Stop the presses! Alert the Media!

My latest mystery is here! 

Young couple Keely Foster and Parker Hall have just opened their very own detective agency. Almost immediately they get a visitor.

Corky Middleton is a seventeen-year old woman who knows she was adopted. Her mother died in childbirth.

Until now Corky has been satisfied with this, and life with her adoptive and loving parents. But….

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Corky notices a woman who keeps turning up, apparently watching Corky. Racking her brain to figure out why, Corky begins to wonder if, after all, her birth mother could be alive…and hanging around. When she runs into Foster & Hall, she thinks they may be able to help.

Sounds simple enough.

But the minute the detectives track down the elusive woman’s whereabouts, Parker stumbles upon a big problem. A dead man kind of problem.

But maybe this cloud has a silver lining. Due to the media publicity the agency gets a call from the Albemarle Department Stores.

Wow, Parker says. This could be their big break.

Hey, we all know life ain’t that simple.

Before they know it, the investigative team is involved in a mess that leaves them baffled and in  mortal danger. Nobody seems to be telling the truth either and nobody wants anything to do with them. Worse, nobody wants to pay them either!

Can Foster & Hall go back eighteen years and dig up the truth in this deceptive mystery? Watch for C. M. Albrecht’s latest novel, The Albemarle Affair, from Cambridge Books,

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ISBN 0-9706152-8-9.

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