Our Borders

MowingI can’t believe our politicians waste millions of taxpayer dollars fencing off Mexico and guarding it with more guards than a federal prison. This is an ugly scar on the face of the United States of America.

It’s shameful to live in a supposedly free country that creates this sort of problem. How many other “free” countries fence off their borders?

It isn’t easy for the average Mexican to be permitted to enter this country through normal channels. But the demand for his/her service is there. Vast fields of produce would rot in the sun without Mexican laborers who work for next to nothing in that hot sun from dawn to dark while  living in conditions worse than those they left behind.  How many households are able to have cooks, childcare and housekeepers they couldn’t otherwise afford?

Look around you. When you see landscapers at work mowing lawns, where do you think they came from? How many US citizens want  — or are willing  — to spend their days bussing tables, washing dishes in a restaurant or mowing lawns?

For the most part, these people are not taking jobs from US citizens. They’re taking jobs most US citizens don’t want and probably can’t do. Try spending a few hours in the noonday sun weeding beets with a bunch of illegal Mexicans. Just try.

It’s not only a disgrace that our country should waste our taxes in this way, but it’s also terribly costly.

If we dismantled the fences, we could save the millions of dollars wasted on installation and repair each year.

If any foreigner is convicted for the commission of a crime, send him/her back. ‘

If a patrol catches drug smugglers, deal with them. Otherwise, why worry about it.

It may be true that some people end up on welfare or take advantage of emergency medical services, but I’m certain in my own mind that the cost of all this is negligible compared to the cost of keeping our border fenced and so actively patrolled, and I’m just as certain that very few Mexicans go to the trouble and expense — and often — extreme danger, to come to the United States with the idea of living a lavish lifestyle on welfare.

This is not the America we used to pledge allegiance to in school every day.

What happened to our country?

Our educational system is broken.

Our infrastructure is broken.

People without insurance have to flood our emergency rooms thus costing much more than the cost of having some sort of medical insurance.

But our congress doesn’t worry about these things. Between taxpayer paid staffs, cars, security and junkets, they show up for work half the time and spend that time arguing about gays, abortions and our immigration problems. But mostly they spend their time trying to figure out ways to destroy our president.

Where, oh where did we go wrong?


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  1. It’s the same, here, CM. People complain that there ARE no jobs, yet we import Mexican women to pick crabs every summer. Nobody local wants to get their hands that dirty anymore!

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