How you too can become famous

by C. M. Albrecht


Throughout the ages there have always been people who pick out a popular subject and use it as a bandwagon to promote their own personal agenda, namely their own aggrandizement.

They come out thumping their chests, promising to make life better for all of us, while in reality, they’re only trying promote themselves.

We had Ralph Nader and the Corvair.  We had Joe McCarthy and the Hollywood subversives. There was Jim Garrison and his Kennedy plot, and so on. Now we have Ted Cruz and his attack on The Affordable Care Act, which he only refers to by what he considers to be a pejorative: “Obamacare”

When these types start to make headlines and appear on television, we can listen, but we have to maintain the same attitude toward them as we should have when listening to a shady used car salesman. Is he selling you a shiny paint job and stereo, or is he unloading a sawdust–packed fautlty transmission?

There is such a thing a righteous indignation, but in only too many cases of publicity hungry persons, their indignation is something less than righteous. We have to watch for that sneaky smile they get on their faces when they think no one is paying attention.