Apparently around the world there’s a growing belief that sharia should be imposed upon all the countries of the world. I was aghast at first, but then I thought a little about this.

After all, upon due consideration, I have to admit there’s something to be said about Sharia.

Men get to sit around all day and night smoking and drinking, have girlfriends and boyfriends and come and go as they wish. If they get the chance to rape a woman, hey, it’s her fault because she probably didn’t have her veil properly attached. When they come home their wife better have dinner on the table and keep her mouth shut about never helping with the kids or taking out the trash. Quelle idée ! If she starts complaining about too much work, just get another wife or two to help her out.

Generally speaking, men can do just about anything they want to, while women know their place and if they forget for a moment, they’ll be so sharply reminded that they’ll be unlikely ever to forget again. They don’t discuss your money with you or get to drive your new car.  Sweet.

Just think about the possibilities. When you go out she doesn’t ask where you’re going or when you’ll be back. When you crawl through the door at three in the morning, she’ll never ask where you’ve been all night or what you’ve been up to. When you want to watch a game she’ll be there with the beer and popcorn for you and your buddies, and when you load up your golf clubs or bowling ball, she’ll help you carry the load to the car and bow humbly as you drive off on yet another tryst.

Yes, I’m beginning to think I like this sharia stuff. Only one hitch. I don’t think my wife will go for it. In fact, I’m sure of it.


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