Mystery Tour Day 17 #MysteryNovember The Sand Bluff Murders by C.M Albrecht

Rosie is doing a great job. We need more Rosie Ambers.

Rosie Amber

November Mystery Tour

Today our guest on the Mystery Book Tour is Carl Albrecht and his book The Sand Bluff Murders.


Where is your home town?

I write under the name, C. M. Albrecht, but my friends call me Carl. Lord knows what my enemies might call me, but fortunately I don’t believe I really have any.

Although I sometimes talk tough when I write, I’m really a pretty meek mild-mannered fellow. I’m not a thrill-seeker. I don’t go sky-diving, base-jumping and I don’t take any of those wonder drugs they peddle on TV (the ones that are clinically tested and so miraculous but carry along with them life-threatening side-effects).

Save for a stint in the army, I spent most of my formative years in Portland, Oregon. I loved it there, partially because, from my reading, I felt it must be a lot like London. Old bridges over a wide river. Dark narrow…

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