The Great Wall of Mexico

I was thinking about Mr. Trump’s great idea to build a gigantic (and expensive) wall between the United States of America and the United States of Mexico. First, looking back at history, I see that our most artistic and well-built wall, was the Great Wall of China, most of which stands today. Unfortunately, it didn’t keep anybody out. The Berlin Wall, which was pretty nasty from its beginnings, failed to keep people in, and eventually fell. The walls we already have between our country and Mexico are not only a shame upon our nation, but are also useless and expensive to boot. Where’s the great wall that keeps Canadians from invading our country?
Mr. Trump talks of keeping out drug peddlers, rapists and criminals. Does he really believe that the majority of people who come here can be placed in that category? Nearly all these people are coming here to seek a better life, not to get welfare or rob liquor stores or rape our womenfolk. They come here looking for a job, a chance to earn a little money so their kids can go to school and hopefully get a better education than they had.
Supposing for a moment, we get that ridiculous and shameful wall constructed and somehow, despite human ingenuity, we manage to keep everybody out, what will become of our country?
Who will pick the lettuce, weed the beets and pick the hops and berries? Who will mow our lawns, do our gardening and landscaping? Who will do the dishes, mop the floors and clean up the kitchen in countless fast food joints? Who will wash our cars Who will clear the table in our favorite restaurant? In short, who will do all the dirty, menial work nobody else wants, or is willing, to do?
Face it: A gringo simply can’t weed beets. (Trust me on this!) It’s a back-breaking job under a relentless sun that only an underpaid completely desperate person can possibly hope to accomplish.
The average North American citizen isn’t willing to wash dishes, bus tables, scrub floors, mow lawns and do landscaping, nor is he willing to wash cars all day under a scorching sun for what amounts to peanuts. Almost nobody is willing, or capable, of working in the fields.
There are hundreds of menial jobs in our country that nobody wants, or is willing, to do. Without the Mexican labor force that slips across our borders, we’d be at a standstill.
We need the Mexicans as much as they need us. And as they come here, learn and educate their children, like the Irish and Italians, Poles and Armenians, etc. before them, they start at the bottom and move up the ladder to better jobs and better lives and become a valuable asset to our country.
America, let’s wake up! Let’s get real!


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