Are We In Trouble Yet?

65745314As Cheech and Chong once said, “Things are tough all over.”

We constantly hear of the need for more education, and I heartily agree that  every citizen should have the right to a college education. Children are forced by law to attend grammar school. In most instances, high school and beyond is optional. If children were properly prepared for high school while still in grammar school, and understanding that a free college education would follow that, perhaps they might be more interested in pursuing their education. Just knowing that the paycheck after four years of college combined with the respect that sheepskin brings along with it, should be an incentive for many children to buckle down and study.

Obviously not every child would study. Every human is different, and like or not, our world is better off this way. Imagine a world in which, like robots, we looked and acted exactly alike.

But there’s a flip side to all this college education. Maybe the “Animal House” story is closer to the truth than we know.

In keeping my eyes open, and looking over résumés from college-educated, experienced individuals, I wonder just how much college has taught them.

Not only in writing do we see egregious errors, but TV newscasters and commentators often mispronounce words, names and/or use bad grammar, as do “off the cuff” politicos. Thank heaven for professionally crafted speeches and Teleprompters!

Here are a few written examples of what I mean. These are from actual résumés of persons looking for a position in journalism, individuals who profess to have college degrees and considerable experience as well. Some of the following are grammatically incorrect while some are simply confusing. Did these writers even take a moment to edit their own writing? I’d have to say no to that, but I’ll let the reader be the judge.

“over a scope of divisions”

“I am prepared at making duplicate for different”

“composed, altered or edit scholarly”

“with regards to composing and editing, I demand getting words…a good fit for the reason”

“I appreciate molding content that is promptly reasonable”

“We are a gathering of — …s into a group”

“decision for all you’re composing needs”

“keep readers returning for additional.” (that’s a period there. End of sentence)

“look no more remote than”

“We will surpass your most prominent desires”

“a top-notch degree”

“have the mastery to convey an extensive variety of ventures”

“typesetting administrations for”

“With..years of distributed and venture administration encounter, regardless of what stage your undertaking is at, I can help you with its culmination”

Okay, as my daughter used to say when criticized, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”



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