The Sand Bluff Murders

ImageThe Sand Bluff Murders

Sand Bluff is a town long ago bypassed by the freeway. Sleepy, yes. But Sand Bluff was a sleepy little town long before that. When Jonas McCleary gets a job on the police force, he’s perfectly happy. An easy job in a small town where, as one local denizen puts it: “Most excitement this here town ever had was that time back in sixty-two whenever that Elvis bus had to stop and fix a flat.”

Besides, Jonas is getting onto thirty and he’s hoping to meet Miss Right so he can settle down and get married.

The first day he has his eye on a possible Miss Right, but on the third day he has his eye on a murder. A murder in little Sand Bluff? Wow, and before Jonas has even had a chance to get to know the town, he’s hit with another one. Twyla Peters, Sand Bluff’s resident hussy, is found lying in a pool of blood.

For its size, Sand Bluff has a lot of strange characters and Jonas has a lot to learn before he even gets started, and in the end, he has to grope his way down some dark passageways if he hopes not only to nail a murderer, but stay alive long enough to do it!

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The Sand Bluff Murders

It’s coming soon! The Sand Bluff Murders.

Cover by Shelley Rodgerson

When Jonas McCleary gets the opportunity to join the force in sleepy Sand Bluff, he jumps at it. A cushy job in a little town where nothing ever happens. He can relax and enjoy life, and since Jonas is getting onto thirty, he’s hoping with a little luck, to meet Miss Right.

But on his third day in Sand Bluff, another officer, Ackers, finds a body in an alley.

Now the only bright thing about Harold Ackers is his badge. Ackers thought the guy was drunk and only after he managed to get him to headquarters did someone inform Ackers that his drunk was dead. Albert Mohr, cocky and mouthy, isn’t much better, and probably not much brighter, so Chief Raymond Castillo is depending on Jonas, his only real cop with any previous training, to solve this mystery and bring a killer to justice.

Jonas just wishes he had the confidence his chief places in him. But he’s going to give it his best shot.

As he goes around town talking to people, he meets some strange residents, especially little person, Lester/Jessica, trailer court operator and dog trainer. Lester/Jessica is also a transvestite with a mammoth bodybuilder boyfriend, and of course, there’s Larry Peters, the town insurance agent and his wife, town hussy, Twyla. Twyla’s got quite a reputation.

Jonas also meets Roxie Jenkins whose father runs the local newspaper. Could she just be Miss Right? Stay tuned!

As Jonas digs around in Sand Bluff’s dirt he learns about the horse ranch, Oak Park, and the accident. He learns too that Jessica’s father murdered Jessica’s mother twenty years ago, did his time and now works out at the ranch. Lot of bad blood there.

And then there’s Twyla. She’s hot and boy, does she know it! There isn’t a male in town that hasn’t had Twyla flirt and tease at him, including Jessica’s boyfriend, Terrence. No man is immune. For Twyla, it’s all funny. Lots of laughs. A real ego builder. Boy, would we love to read her diary!

But Sand Bluff never expected Twyla to be found lying in a pool of blood. Or did it?

What happened? Did she drive someone to murder? Any man in town might have lost it if Twyla led him on and then laughed in his face. Or how about the town’s womenfolk? Women don’t take kindly to other women flirting with their menfolk. Of course Twyla’s husband Larry is a prime suspect. She really knew how to torture him. Turns out she was pregnant too, and Larry’s sterile.

Now with two murders on his hands and no apparent connection, Jonas is wandering around in circles. As he plods along, his quest leads him out to Oak Park, the horse ranch, back to town to the Blu Lite Lounge and soon he begins to tie loose ends together as he comes closer and closer to bringing these murders to a solution. But before he can do that, there may be still more murders and surprises to come in “The Sand Bluff Murders”.

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