“Hail Mary”

At last! My short novel “Hail Mary” is about to be published, probably before the end of June. July  at the latest.

A notable departure from my usual crime/mystery and/or noir fiction, this Hail Mary jpeg 2tragicomedy, “Hail Mary” follows three, well make that four people as they survive a couple of days of confusion, fear, danger, laughter and grief.

Many find it hard to believe that free-spirit Mary and hard-nosed, by-the-book retired cop, Harry “Bulldog” Drummond could be soul mates, but they are. Make that were. After over forty years of fighting and making up, Mary awakes to find the Bulldog dead.

As this happens, their diffident son, Creighton, an accountant goes to work happily expecting the raise his boss, John McClatchy has practically promised. Instead of a raise however, Creighton sees a plum payroll account slip through his fingers and in the ensuing discussion, actually trying to assert himself for once, Cray goes about it in the wrong way and gets himself fired on the spot.

Now, coming home despondent and jobless with a wife and two kids, two mortgages, payments on his wife’s SUV and a lazy dog, Cray learns the news that his father has just died.

Creighton and his wife, Celie, decide to help Mary get through this by bringing her to stay with them until after the funeral.

It turns out that their attentions are not quite enough and Mary gets in touch with a couple of women from their school days. She “borrows” Cray’s car, and the trio go off on what turns out to be one wild ride, not just on the ground but in the air as they get high in more than one way.

After two days of harrowing experiences for the women as well as for a hapless Creighton, Mary comes back down to earth help Cray and his family get back on track.

The only unhappy participants at the end of this ride are the four hard-ass bikers in jail nursing their injuries and regretting ever having messed with those three little old ladies.

That’s just a small part of the goings-on when these three slightly tarnished “Golden Girls” get out and about.

“Hail Mary”

     ISBN — Print:  978-1-61386-369-5 — e-book:  978-1-61386-370-1

Pre-order your copy today from http://writewordsinc.com

Soon available as a Kindle book, Nook etc.

“A study in family dynamics. This is a fine tale with lessons for those who face tragic situations.” — Anne K. Edwards “Murder in Paradise”

“I laughed more in this book than in any I’ve ever read.” — Martha A. Cheves  “The good, the Bad, the Maybe”




The Sand Bluff Murders

ImageThe Sand Bluff Murders

Sand Bluff is a town long ago bypassed by the freeway. Sleepy, yes. But Sand Bluff was a sleepy little town long before that. When Jonas McCleary gets a job on the police force, he’s perfectly happy. An easy job in a small town where, as one local denizen puts it: “Most excitement this here town ever had was that time back in sixty-two whenever that Elvis bus had to stop and fix a flat.”

Besides, Jonas is getting onto thirty and he’s hoping to meet Miss Right so he can settle down and get married.

The first day he has his eye on a possible Miss Right, but on the third day he has his eye on a murder. A murder in little Sand Bluff? Wow, and before Jonas has even had a chance to get to know the town, he’s hit with another one. Twyla Peters, Sand Bluff’s resident hussy, is found lying in a pool of blood.

For its size, Sand Bluff has a lot of strange characters and Jonas has a lot to learn before he even gets started, and in the end, he has to grope his way down some dark passageways if he hopes not only to nail a murderer, but stay alive long enough to do it!

“The plot was amazing. – Marina Stevkovska

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