Tape Review

Here’s an encouraging review of my sticky mystery, Tape
Title: Tape
Author: C. M. Albrecht
Publisher: http://www.writewordsinc.com Cambridge Books
ISBN: 1-59431-910-3 or 978-1-59431-910-5
Genre: Mystery

Cover Art by Shelley Rodgerson

A collection of strange characters will make you smile as you follow their movements. A man who finds detecting so interesting he sets up an agency in partnership with a girl covered in tattoos. The agency is located in her father’s garage, but they have to move when he gets a car.

A serial killer gets out of prison and the hunt is on when he returns to his old habits. A missing grandfather brings the erstwhile detecting pair their first client who has the habit of taping everything. This killer also brings a cop known as “The Hat’ into their lives.

This is a tale with twists you won’t expect as the talented author, C. M Albrecht, plants red herrings to keep you following trails that lead you in circles.

Recommended for the mystery fan who enjoys new sleuths and unusual characters. Enjoy.

Anne K. Edwards
The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing



Izzy is a dyslexic daydreamer with a tattooed girlfriend named Vero. Both in their twenties, they still live at home with single parents.  Two boats without a rudder.

Izzy’s dream is to be a private detective, and with high hopes, he drops an ad in the Penny Saver. Who would answer a PI ad in a Penny Saver you ask? Dema Wilson, an equally challenged young black woman with a tape obsession so serious she should have her own reality show.

But Dema’s grandpa has disappeared and the police aren’t willing to do much to help. After all, he’s a grown man. But Izzy and Vero are willing to help.

They don’t know however that Shorty Thompson, a serial killer is on the loose and he has a ‘hit list’ of people he feels have wronged him. Dema’s grandpa is on that list.

If these guys get out of this alive they will at least have grown up a lot and learned a lot as well. There could just be a future for all three of them.

TAPE  ISBN 978-1-61386-014-4

Available now e-book and soft cover from http://www.writewordsinc.com (Cambridge Books), amazon Kindle, b&n Nook  and most sites.

Doctors recommend Tape over Twine, Staples and Paper Clips two to one.


Did you ever dream of being a hard-boiled private eye? Maybe you should try the Izzy and Vero method: just pick up a  trench coat at your local thrift store and place an ad in the Penny Saver.

Hey, it works, at least for Izzy and Vero. Next day they get Dema, their very first client. Dema is a sweet but strange young woman with a tape obsession so severe she should have her own reality show. Red flag there, but hey! these guys are detectives, not rocket scientists.

Dema wants Izzy and Vero to look for her missing grandfather. They don’t have to look far. He’s dead.

Before they have any idea what’s going on, they’re up to their fedoras in trouble. Big trouble. A serial killer is on the loose and seems to be looking for them. The cops are on the case and they do not like shamuses meddling in their investigations, especially PI’s who don’t even have a license. License? They don’t even have a license to drive!

These gumshoes are mired in one sticky situation, but maybe — just maybe — they’re not as lame as everyone thinks they are. Can they actually solve the case and nail a killer before the cops nail them? Tape will keep you wrapped up tight while you try to figure out what’s really going on. Check this out at http://www.writewordsinc.com, or get a hard copy from Cambridge Books. Also available at most sites, Kindle. etc. and wherever only the best books are to be found.

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